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I am a Creative Director and Product Design Consultant, co-founder of MADE ABROAD.

I have great interest in the intersection of art, design and technology, and I specialised my work in software, digital transformation, innovation and editorial products with an emphasis on collaboration practices.

I have a large experience working with global brands in different industries, but most importantly, a wide knowledge of design systems, design thinking and how to shape technical and creative solution for digital environments. I believe in richer outcomes with inclusive design and cross-disciplinary teams. I tackle projects with an user-centric approach, always trying to deliver value as quickly as possible and minimising the amount of waste produced in projects.

I often work on cultural projects, as well as participating in social enterprises like Design for 99 or Salon Flux London. I recently launched yourdigitalrights.org, a service for people to exercise GDPR and CCPA rights, because we believe that privacy matters and that exercising your right to privacy should be easy.

I also teach code and Digital practices at London College of Communication (LCC) and The UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. I've also published thoughts about art in the past.

A quote

To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.
Henry David Thoreau, Where I Live.

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Growth for Knowledge (GfK) / Idean / Red Badger / GOV.UK / London Metal Exchange (LME) / British Gas / EY / Nottingham Contemporary / Informa / University of the Arts / Nalla / Unilever / University for the Creative Arts / Levi Strauss & Co / Museum of Modern Art Castilla y Leon (MUSAC) / RAF / Madeleine Boyd (set and costume designer) / Mira Loew (Photographer) / Alfonso Borragan (Artist) / Alastair Marriott (Choreographer and Principal Character Artist of The Royal Ballet)


01.2021. "Inclusivity by design". Speaker at GfK Insight Summit in 2021We.Create, Opportunities in a disruptive world. on-line.
04.2021. Speaker Service Design Global Conference 2021, Shaping Tomorrow. Copenhagen, Denmark.
05.2020. Visiting lecturer MAJDJ Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. LCC
03.2020. Visiting lecturer Digital Innovation: collaborative practice, the Bartlett (UCL)
09.2019. "Optout; MDP and ethics in design", Intuit lunch'N Learn, UK
03.2019. Visiting lecturer Digital Innovation: collaborative practice, the Bartlett (UCL)
01.2019. Speaker Getting out there. LCC
05.2018. Visiting lecturer BAJDJ Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. LCC
03.2018. Talent Works. Business and Innovation LCC
02.2018. On Translations Conference. Nottingham Contemporary, UK
01.2018. "UX is not a tech term". Design Lab London, UK
11.2017. Visiting lecturer BA Publication and Digital Media. Middlesex University, UK
10.2017. "UX is not a tech term". Energized Labs, UK
09.2017. Creative lead and mentor at Talent Works. Business and Innovation, LCC
05.2017. Visiting lecturer MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. LCC
05.2016. Visiting lecturer MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. LCC
04.2011. Palabra y Arte II. Otras ediciones y libros libres. University of Granada, Spain.


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