hand-crafted with

Madeleine Boyd

Digital Design and Art Direction.

Code: Tomas Pica

'We need a website that make you feel that you are in a theatre'

Part of the requirement was to have a website that could be use both as a portfolio and as a presentation tool for producers and other theatre related.

Bold images and clear credits with easy full screen view.

Live website: www.madeleineboyd.co.uk

The are two different user journeys in this site for desktop and mobile. We've tried to analise and target specific users with different needs based on the use of mobile or desktop version of the site.

The desktop version is fully accesible featuring the latest shows on the full screen slider that leads you to the detail page as well as top shows displayed also on the bottom navigation

The navigation was positioned at the bottom to imitate the proscenium of the theatre along with the negative space on both sides of the screen.

We propose the option of hiding the right options in order to have a full screen version of the images.

The mobile version can be used as showreel displaying all the shows in the site on a single page. For more information we displayed a MENU button instead of the burguer menu.