hand-crafted with

Alfonso Borragan

Web Design.

Code: Pete Richardson

We needed to find the perfect balance between and artist website, a calendar of events and story teller

The audience of this project is quite broad, from followers of Alfonso Borragan's Performances & Events (Calendar) to gallerists that want to know more about his work, recent or past.

We wanted to focus strongly in copy as it is key in Alfonso's artwork, but beautiful images always at the top gives a sense of dinamism and a reflection to the artists practice.

We considered that the website should have 3 spaces:

- top slider: for curious visitors

- calendar: blog style page on the front page for follower

- works: this one always visible and target specifically collectors and gallerist

The hardest part of the project was to accomodate the extense work of Alfonso as well as it's conceptual complexity.